Verantwortlicher Magistrat Wien - Magistratsabteilung 41 - Stadtvermessung
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Geographic Toponym Wien
Geographic Bounding Box WGS84: POLYGON ((16.577511 48.322571, 16.18218 48.117668))
Beginning Date/Time Januar 1, 2010, 01:00 (MEZ)
Update Frequency quartalsweise
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Schema Name OGD Austria Metadata 2.6
Schema Language ger
Schema Characterset utf8
Resource title and description in English Vector data of the multi-purpose area map (MZK) - the digital city map of Vienna: note: due to the enormous data volumes involved, please use SMALL map sections (e.g. 2x2 km) for vector download via WFS (and KML). If necessary, split your query up into several smaller sections. The maximum scale that can be handled by WMS services is 1:11,000.
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