Netiquette offers a compilation of administrative data published in Austria in machine-readable form for further use by citizens, business and research. Reuse is to be simplified by standardized and transparent terms of use.

  • Any person is free to use open data to the extent that the terms of use are complied with, because open data is also subject to licenses.
  • The decision of the Cooperation OGD Austria of 29.10.2018 provides for the license “Creative Commons Attribution 4.0(CC BY 4.0)” for Open Data from 1 March 2019. No break in stability is seen for data consumers, as the license update does not lead to any degradation. For licensees who have received data under the old CC BY 3.0 AT license, this license continues to apply. However, accessing a current dataset that is CC BY 4.0 will cause the data to be used under CC BY 4.0.
  • You may reproduce, distribute, make publicly available and commercially exploit the data, as well as make modifications and adaptations of the work or the content. In the above-mentioned CC BY 4.0 license, the name of the rights holder must be mentioned in a specified manner.
  • Citizens, as well as the business and research communities, should be informed about new applications and services that use this data. The Federal Ministry of Finance is therefore entitled to publish information about such applications and services (e.g. linking) and to use it for reporting purposes (e.g. brochures, press releases, etc.).
  • The Federal Ministry of Finance encourages service providers who use the data for their applications and services to actively provide information about where these services and applications can be found. Please use the Submit Application form for this purpose
  • During necessary maintenance windows or in case of technical problems the interface is not available.
  • All information on and from the provision of the data and applications are provided without any warranty or liability claims.
  • References and links to other Internet offers have been carefully selected. However, their content, accuracy, timeliness, completeness and availability are beyond our control and we do not assume any warranty/liability for them.
  • Furthermore, we do not assume any warranty/liability for the linked data and applications, in particular not for their up-to-dateness, suitability for a certain purpose and freedom from viruses.
  • The data may not be used for applications or publications that violate legal regulations or are offensive.

Final provisions

Austrian law shall apply exclusively to the use of the information/services.

If sections or individual terms of this statement are not legal or correct, the content or validity of the other parts remain uninfluenced by this fact.

In place of an invalid provision or to fill a gap, an appropriate, legally permissible provision shall apply that comes closest to what would have been intended according to the meaning and purpose of these Terms of Use if the partial invalidity or gap had been known.


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